Club guest rules

We respectfully request that attendees of our sketching sessions behave politely and respect the club and abide by the club’s rules, which include:

Entry to the club

  • To access the club, press the doorbell marked ‘studio’.
  • Do not press any of the other doorbells as tenants do not wish to be disturbed and are not allowed to let you in.

General behaviour

  • Be mindful that the club is run on an entirely voluntary basis by its members.
  • Act in a polite and cordial manner.
  • Do not smoke on the premises or in the street immediately outside.
  • Do not use the piano unless you have prior written permission.
  • Do not place anything on the piano.
  • Do not take photos or use photos of the club without written permission from the club secretary.
  • Do not make loud noises that may disturb our neighbours.

Sketching sessions

  • Print your name and add your signature to the relevant page of the attendance register.
  • Help to set up the studio for the session.
  • Follow the instructions of the person running the session.
  • Do not damage drawing boards by use of staples, drawing pins or any other invasive fixings. Clips and masking tape are acceptable.
  • Easels should be treated with care and kept clean.
  • Any tables used should be protected and kept clean.
  • Do not use turps, white spirit, or another volatile medium apart from Zest or a similar low-odour solvent.
  • If you wish to spray-fix work, do so outside the club.
  • Do not take or use photos of models without their written permission.
  • Put any rubbish in the correct bin, waste or recycle.
  • Wash your brushes etc. in the storeroom and then put away any pots etc. on the shelves provided and leave the sink and draining board clear and clean.
  • At the end of the session, check and remove any paint, charcoal or other residues and masking tape from any equipment, furniture, walls, floors, doors etc. Pay particular attention to drawing boards, easels and tables.
  • At the end of the session, return all equipment used to the designated place as shown on the plan in the studio and in the attendance register.

Attending as a guest at a Tuesday sketching session

  • If a member brings a guest, they must accompany their guest at all times.
  • A non-member may attend 3 Tuesday sketching sessions as a guest. After this time they should be proposed for membership.
  • The bar is licensed to sell drinks and meals directly to members only.