Join the club

The London Sketch Club is a private club run, on an entirely voluntary basis, by its members. We welcome new members, all of whom must be proposed and seconded by existing members, following which they are invited to a relaxed interview with the club’s council.

Membership benefits

Membership benefits include:

  • Reduced fees for life drawing and portrait sessions
  • Additional life drawing and portrait sessions exclusively for members
  • A social programme including dinners
  • The opportunity to exhibit, and sell, work via the club’s exhibitions

Joining fee

A one-off entrance fee of £35.00 is payable by all new members.

Working members

Those who work in artistic fields, such as painting and illustration, qualify as working members.

Town: £70.00pa
Country and Overseas: £40.00pa
Under Thirties: £40.00pa

Lay members

Those who do not work in an artistic field are lay members.

Town and Country: £70.00pa

Master class in pastels with Mick Bray